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Common Hexo Workflow

Here is the list of common hexo workflow commands.

Create draft

hexo new draft "your article name"
emacs "your article name"

After this, the draft file will be created under source/_drafts folder without Date tag added.

Publish draft

hexo publish "your article name"

After this, the draft will will be move to source/_posts and the internal Date flag will be updated to the publish timestamp.

Test your post

hexo generate
hexo server

Generate all the static blog file and start the local server.

You can simply do this via alias:

hexo g && hexo s

Publish to github page

hexo generate
hexo deploy

Of course you need to config the git in site _config.yml file. And the hexo will publish the result to github page.

Some memo

  • Manually set article digest
    after this line in your markdown file will be hidden from the homepage.

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